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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the turnaround time?
2. How can I find out the status of an order?
3. How do I re-order cards?
4. Can I use my company's background, and make them only available to my company employees?
5. I forget my Sales Order (S.O.) Number.
6. Can I speak to someone there?
7. Can I submit custom file?
8. Can I upload my logo?
9. What's the minimum order?
10. How do I place an order?
11. What credit cards do you accept?
12. How are my cards shipped?
13. Can I use any foreign characters?
14. What is the Optional Text field used for in the design interface?
15. Who is InternetSecure?
16. What is PayPal?
17. How many colors will be used to print my order?
18. On my monitor the card looks blurry. What will the final output look like?
19. What is the final size of the business card shipped to me?
20. What is my password and when do I use it?
21. How much is the shipping?
22. Will I be notified of the shipping date?
23. Except for standard shipping and handling, are there any other charges?
24. Is it free to create a card?
25. Can I use the image that I've created for my other projects?